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Discover our products, services and partnerships lets you start a video conversation with one click, directly in the browser with up to eight people. The service, which has spread to 196 countries since launch, requires no downloads, logins or software updates. Users can own their video room for repeated use and can also customize the look of the room.

Built with WebRTC, is currently supported by Opera, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

  • Talk over video with up to eight people for free
  • No logins or downloads required
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My Contacts

My Contacts is a cloud storage service which makes it easy to backup and transfer your contact list to your new phone. My Contacts is available as an app for iOS and Android as well as older phones.

  • Backup your contact list
  • Transfer your contacts with just one click
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Capture makes it easy to save, see and share photos, videos and other files across mobiles, tablets and PCs/Macs. We strive for ease of use in all that we create. Capture has so far been released in Norway, Serbia, Montenegro, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Sweden.

  • Safely secure your information
  • Keep your memories alive
  • “Capture saved me when I lost my mobile”
  • “Easy to use!”



Digital Winners

Nordic region’s premier gathering for leaders and innovators within media, technology and communications, hosts an exciting mix of world-class innovation leaders, cutting-edge tech startups, investors and digital transformation experts under one roof.

Telenor Digital is the main driver behind the Digital Winners conference. Over the course of two days, 45+ speakers will give fresh and thought provoking perspectives on innovation and digital business opportunities. The format is a mix of fast-paced keynote slots, panel sessions and focused breakout sessions, all designed to create new insights and inspire attendees.

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Are you a service provider who is interested in potentially providing your service to over 196 million mobile subscribers? Do you fit these following criteria?

Internet player with a global reach / have global ambitions
Cross Telenor markets scope

Best in class
Customer preferred brand or service within your field

Business development and continuous relationship with partner
Leveraging a number of Telenor assets including distribution, payment, service bundling, joint go-to-market approach

Interested in being part of our Telenor Top Tier Partnership program along with these current players?
Wikipedia, Opera, Facebook, Google, Deezer, Wimp, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Sony and Microsoft

We would like to get to know you better!
Our Global Partnership team is currently situated at the Telenor Headquarters in Oslo, Norway, with local team representatives in Thailand, Malaysia and San Francisco.

Kindly contact VP Head of Global Partnership, at your earliest convenience if a partnership with Telenor interests you.

Karianne Melleby
(+47) 41558148


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Telenor Digital

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Its happening now-speed interviews and networking with potential candidates!

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Excited to be the host partner and looking forward to the speed interviews.

Telenor Digital

Start 2016 with a new job? We are seeking more talented engineers!

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Our startup team @appear_in is hiring!

Telenor key in global industry push for your digital ID

The entire telco industry is now joining forces to create a universal identity that will secure authentication and safe access to mobile and digital services. Mobile Connect was a key topic demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress.

Digital services now delivered worldwide over Global Backend

Telenor can now deliver digital services worldwide through a Global Backend, a platform developed by Telenor Digital.

Creating the future of communications

Together with Mozilla, Telenor Digital this week announced the creation of a WebRTC Competency Center in Oslo and Mountain View, California. Global Telenor success story,, is a service built on this new web technology.

Schibsted becomes co-owner of SOBAZAAR

Telenor and Schibsted are entering into an equal partnership in SOBAZAAR, a startup that has sprung out of entrepreneurial community, Telenor Digital.

Global Backend rigs Telenor for a digital future

The aim of Telenor Digital’s Global Backend is to efficiently provide a large choice of digital services, on many devices, across our geographical borders. Six out of thirteen business units can today bundle services through Global Backend.

Digital launches Grouper – Help us help you!

This fall, Telenor Digital introduces a new service, «Grouper». An app that helps organizers and participants communicate and coordinate effectively together. “Grouper is developed solely through customer insight,” says Jon Wright.

Digital Winners names India’s L360 “Best App in Asia”

Digital Winners awarded Indian startup Concept Waves with "Best app in Asia" prize, for their mobile app L360, a business planning app for farmers in India.

Digital Winners fosters ecosystem of innovators

This year, Digital Winners hosted an exciting mix of world-class innovation leaders, cutting-edge tech startups, investors and digital transformation experts under one roof.